Homeless Man Given Rare Coin Instead Of Pocket Change While Begging On The Street

A man was begging for change along a busy street. After sitting for several hours, police officers passed by and were obliged to ask him to move as begging in UK is illegal.

During the brief exchange, the man showed one of the strange coins he received. They realized that it wasn’t just an ordinary coin, and one of the officers took out his phone and did a quick search on Google…
After typing in name and type of the 50p coin, he quickly realized that it was worth a lot more than the 50p printed on it! Collectors of the coins were buying and selling them for hundreds of pounds on ebay. The coin was a part of the 150th anniversary of Beatrix Potter collection printed by the Royal Mint, and as for how it made it into common circulation is a mystery. Perhaps the kind stranger didn’t realize what it was. Perhaps they knew exactly what it was.

We’ll never know.

The coins cost £55 to purchase new, but the prices online can fluctuate drastically. Some selling for a few bucks, and some for thousands.

This isn’t the first time that rare and valuable coins have been accidentally placed into circulation. You may even have a few rare coins in your own pockets! Check this list to see if you have any coins that are worth more than their printed value!

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