Homeless Man Gets Dozens Of Job Offers After Woman Shares His Photo Online

A man named Barry moved to Melbourne after being offered a job. He picked up his life in Perth and moved, counting on this new job being a new start in life. Barry hadn’t counted on the job offer falling through, and he soon found himself without an income and living on the streets. All he wanted was the chance to work, so he did what he thought was best.

He found some cardboard and wrote out his plight, hoping that someone would read his sign and give him a chance to move up in the world.

Hi I’m from Perth W.A. Been here 3 weeks looking for work. Have tryed so hard to get work I have HR Truck license and done a lot of driving. I do any work. Clean toilets – anything. 

I am now homeless I just want to make a new life so if anybody can help it would be great.

Just give me a go please.

Thank you”

A woman named Sherryn met him one day and his sign stopped her in her tracks.

While she didn’t have a job to offer him, she knew that she could help by sharing his plea with people in their area on the internet. Overnight, the man received offers left and right, had six interviews lined up in the following week, and was even offered accommodation by kind souls!

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