Homeless Children Refused Admission To School. Mom Begs For Help From Community!

Candice White is a mother from Mississippi who found herself in an impossible situation. With nowhere to turn, she and her children were forced to find a new life for themselves by living in a shelter after becoming homeless. The working mother was even further stunned when her children weren’t allowed to return to the schools they attended before becoming homeless…all because they no longer had an address!

For weeks, she routinely missed work to argue with the schools and get her children re-enrolled in school before losing their home. Under the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act, her efforts should have been rewarded…but she wasn’t getting anywhere with any of the schools.

She turned to her local news station for help. She had done everything that she knew to do, but was still hitting obstacle after obstacle and she couldn’t afford to keep missing work.

As her story spread, the community decided to get involved. The woman in charge of the shelter where Candice is staying vouched for the working mother, saying that she is “far from lazy,” a common misconception when the public hears the word “homeless.”

Several members of the community have started to work together to fix up a house for the family, and some have even set up a fundraising page to help them get back on their feet!

It was frustrating that no one listened until the local news became involved, but thanks to their efforts, her children are now ready to start school again.

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