His Wife Went Into Surgery For Kidney Stones…But Came Home With A BABY!

Michael Jaegers rushed his wife, Stephanie, to the hospital one morning when she complained of severe abdominal pains. They thought she likely had kidney stones and were hopeful that the doctors would get her fixed up quickly. Michael posted this picture on social media, asking for prayers. He was worried, but knew that the doctors were ready for the task.10-24a11

But things quickly turned upside-down when doctors announced that Stephanie wasn’t suffering from painful kidney stones…but was actually in labor!

Most parents have a good 9+ months to plan for such a blessing, we had 30 minutes notice.” Michael wrote in a Facebook post.

Stephanie had been diagnosed as “pre-menopausal,” had broken her ankle during the last month, and continued to have a sporadic menstrual cycle, meaning that all symptoms had been disguised during the entire pregnancy. Her baby had also been in the breech position which limited his movements and caused Stephanie not to show. The couple had no idea that she was pregnant, and were overjoyed. They thought that they would only have three children, and to find out that they were having a fourth was a miracle.10-24a12

They named the new baby Shaun, who has quickly become an internet superstar. His parents even jokingly called him their “little kidney stone.” The story has also given other mothers the chance to share their “surprise” pregnancy stories. It turns out that many women experience pregnancies similar to this and don’t find out until they have gone to the hospital with “abdominal pains!”


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