His Wife Was Insulted And Wasn’t Allowed To Draw Water At The Only Nearby Well. So He Dug One Himself!

In Nagpur, India, there is a man who owns a well. It is the only source of water for the village, and even then, the villagers must walk over half a mile to get to it. The owner of the well is cruel, and one day, insulted a woman who had walked all the way from her part of the village to beg for water, but the man would not let her draw any and sent her away.

Because she was of a different caste than the man who owns the well, she is treated as less than human – a concept that India is still struggling with today.

When she returned home, she told her husband…and he would not stand for it. This was the last straw. He immediately walked to the closest town and used a portion of their savings to purchase tools. He is a day laborer and couldn’t afford to stop working to build a well, but he spent 6 hours per day digging, anyway. Four hours before his 8 to 10-hour-day, and two hours after he got home were devoted to the back-breaking work, but he never gave up.5.11a1

He had no idea if there was water in the spot he had chosen. Several wells in the area had dried up already, but he didn’t let that stop him. His family did not help, and his wife mocked him for doing something so extreme in light of the incident with the well-owner.

Until he hit water.

It as some kind of miracle, and once his family realized that there was water to be found, they all pitched in. They helped him deepen his well to 15 feet and plan to dig an extra 5 feet. They have widened the top, and plan to stretch the opening to 8 feet. They are hopeful that their neighbors will pitch in to maintain the well.5.11a

The well means that the people in his part of the village no longer have to walk a long distance just to beg for water and be insulted. They can stand on their own and support themselves, and most importantly, they have access to water at any time of day or night.

He was recognized by the local government for his efforts, and his story is going viral! He was even awarded $75 from a social worker to pay for the supplies he had purchased!

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