His Wife Was FLUNG Out Of This Carnival Ride! When He Asks If She’s Alright, He Didn’t Quite Expect Her To Say THIS!!

After so many years with your spouse, you start to learn a lot about them that you didn’t think you would ever know about a person. With most people I can’t tell if they are lying to me, but if I ask my husband how much something costs and he lies about it, I can tell just by the way he answered my question. What is this strange sixth sense that couples seem to develop over time? There is probably a scientific reason for it, but for now, I’ll just call it “love.” If THIS had happened to me, I might have done the same thing…and I’m almost positive that my husband would have, too!


After reading this story, I realize that it could have ended very, VERY differently! I will admit that if something this traumatic had happened to me and I ended up with no injuries, I would also try to lighten the mood with a terrible joke! Maybe I would bring up an inside joke, or would ask him when dinner is, but this is quite adorable. She didn’t want him to worry, so she tried to make him laugh instead! This is cute. Scary and traumatizing, sure, but still cute.

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