His Wife Was Dying. On Her Death Bed, She Revealed A DARK Secret! OMG!

When you’re in a new relationship, one of the common promises is to never keep secrets from the other person. As a general rule, honesty (whether or not it’s nice to hear) really can keep two people together for a very long time. But what happens when honesty is just not an option? What happens when you are forced to keep a secret for the sake of your relationship? Well, that’s where things get a little more confusing, and as this husband found out, his wife had been keeping a LOT of secrets! But were they for the right reasons? I’d say that it might depend on the secret, but I’ll leave that decision to you!


Yikes! As much as he’d probably like to be hurt that she had been angry that often at him, she did just hand him $95,000 in cash…

Would you have had the patience to sew a little doll every time your partner made you angry? I don’t think I would ever be strong enough to keep my feelings and opinions bottled up inside like that. And I’m 100% sure that I would have spent that money one day if I got REALLY angry! This woman is a saint. Wow!

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