His Wife Suffered A Miscarriage And No Taxi Would Take Them To The Hospital. That One Moment Pushed Him To Do Something That Many Would NEVER Do!

Not owning a car can be a huge struggle. Most of us own more than one vehicle and don’t often have to think about what other people have to go through to get to their destinations. If you want to get to work on time but have to rely on a bus for transportation, you may have to leave your house 2 or 3 hours early to make sure you aren’t late. If you rely on a tram or metro, you need to coordinate getting to the station and making onto the bus on time, sometimes battling other travelers for space in tight cars. But how do you handle an emergency when there isn’t an ambulance that you can call for help? This couple found themselves in an impossible situation…and no one would stop to help them in her time of need!


This man is a hero…but the worst part is that most people that run into him wouldn’t know it. He looks like “just a cab driver,” and people talk down to him before they even get to know him. He is a hero in his own rights, saving people who would have no other option when other drivers pass them by in their hour of need! He certainly deserves every bit of praise – he hasĀ moreĀ than earned it.

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