His Wife Served Burned Toast For Dinner After A Hard Day Of Work…What He Told Her SHOCKED Their Kids!

After a long, hard day at work, you’re probably looking forward to a nice meal and a relaxing evening. I know that after a long day, I do not feel like cooking, so I will take the lazy way out. I’ll skip defrosting the chicken, I’ll chop the onions into large, uneven slices, I’ll spill tomato sauce all over the counter, and generally make a huge mess if I’m tired and cranky. So what if I sat down to dinner, and realized it was just a piece of bunt toast covered in jam? I might be a bit more than just “upset…”


WOW. Just…wow. I honestly wish I could react that way after a long day of working. It’s not that I would be mad at whoever cooked, I would just be upset at the entire situation. It seems that something like this comes with age and maturity. Being able to distance yourself from the negative things in life is a wonderful habit to get into. I need to remember this guy the next time I have a bad afternoon! It’s just one bad moment in one bad day…it doesn’t mean the rest of my life will be like this! Plus, it’ll help me to appreciate the good things in life so much more!

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