His Wife Had Started Keeping Things That They Would Never Use. Her Husband Decided To Display Them.

For two years, his wife had been saving things. It wasn’t all-out hoarding so much as wanting to keep “useful” items that they really had no more use for. We can all relate to this sentiment, of course, filling our garages with things we don’t necessarily need, or stuffing the attic full of old furniture, boxes of paperwork that we may need in the future, or watching the linen closet slowly get overtaken by old sets of towels.

The “junk drawer” in the kitchen, or the mess under the stair closet, the spaces get packed with little knick knacks, unwanted gifts, or sentimental objects that don’t have a formal place in our homes…but for some reason, we just can’t seem to toss them out.

One man decided that enough was enough and started using the couple’s front room as an “art gallery.” They didn’t use it for anything else, so there was really no harm in it. He got out his ladder and began to hand the random objects high and low along the walls, at odd angles and in curious positions.9.1a3

When he shared the picture, one person suggested creating fake “plaques” to name the pieces as if it truly were an eclectic collection of art pieces. The idea is clever, and we hope that he continues by adding more objects over time!

If I tried this in my home, it probably wouldn’t end well…we have too much spare furniture and not enough walls! What would your “wall of junk” look like?


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