His Wife And Kids Were Sleeping In Their Bed, But After He Heard What Someone Said About It, He Wrote THIS.

An exhausted mother found herself with something incredibly rare: her oldest son and her newborn daughter started napping at the same time. She had brought the newborn to nurse in bed with her, and knew that her husband was still awake. She took advantage of the moment and got some much-needed rest for herself! Her husband snapped this picture and decided to share it with family and friends after he overheard a conversation between his wife and one of her friends.

Recently she was talking to a friend and they were talking about this thing called “co-sleeping” and I heard the other person ask ‘doesn’t your husband hate that? My husband would never let me do that.’ This blew my mind and has bothered me for days.” He wrote in a Facebook post that has since been deleted.

He couldn’t imagine a father taking away something that a mother needed. Bonding with her children for a few years was a part of what made his wife a mother, and to hear it nearly broke his heart.

I would NEVER degrade or disregard anything that she feels like doing for my children. Do I have to squeeze into a small corner of the bed sometimes? Yeah? But my God how beautiful does she look holding my children? Making them feel loved and safe?

The thing is that our wives only experience these little seasons in motherhood for a short time. They carry our babies, they birth them, they nurture them and maybe while they are little they let them crawl into our beds and snuggle. But eventually our babies get bigger they grow up they get “too cool” for snuggles so why would we as men want to steal a single second of this time from them? Being mothers is part of their identity and what’s a year or 3 out of decades of life spent together?

I just want to say that I am proud of the decisions my wife makes as a mom and I support every single one of them. I would never want to rob her of this time she has or these seasons that are in reality too short to not enjoy. Please respect your wives as mothers.”

While thousands of people supported his view that mothers deserved respect, others only saw the fact that his wife was napping with a newborn. Eventually, he was harassed to a degree that forced him to delete his Facebook account because people didn’t want to see his original point.

Mom eventually made a Facebook post of her own, explaining that they rarely ever slept together in a bed like this – especially at night – but that this moment was a rare (and supervised, since dad was awake for it) look into what it means to be a parent, and people should respect it for what it was: a moment.

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