His Stage Performance Is Interrupted By A Loud Child With Autism. He Writes An Open Letter To…Well, EVERYONE!

During an intense scene at a matinee performance of The King and I, a young boy cried out. His mother brought him to the theater to enjoy the performance and share an enlightening experience with him. Despite his disability, she wanted to show him what the world had to offer. Other members of the audience did not agree.

They began to “shush” the mother, making loud comments that could be heard even from the stage – and one performer decided that he just could not let the incident go.

He wrote an open letter to the audience that day and hopes that each and every one of them reads it.


The post has been climbing in shares since it’s initial post, and hundreds of thousands have liked and commented on the incident all across the internet. There has been criticism, serious debate, and praise after his post went viral. Though there has been some disagreement, the response is generally the same.

The audience should not have interfered. The audience should have stayed quiet and waited for the mother to calm her child. Insulting her, the boy, and making more of a distraction for the performers was the entirely wrong way to go about it.

Loh hopes that more people will learn from this ordeal and behave themselves in the future. What do YOU think?

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