His Son Suffered From Brain Damage. When The Boy Passed On, Dad Created This Custom Gravestone.

Matthew Robinson faced severe complications during his birth and as a result suffered from brain damage. He was never able to speak and was left paralyzed for the entirety of his short life. His doctors told his family that he would be lucky to survive his first year of life…he proved them all wrong by living until he was 10 years old.

His parents learned how difficult it is to raise a child with disabilities through their son. They were faced with endless hoops to jump through, red tape to navigate, and wanted to do something to help other families in the same battle to give their children long, happy lives.

Matthew’s father had a Ph. D. in biophysics and decided to put it to good use. He began designing and building equipment that would help other families care for their disabled children and founded an organization that would help the disabled community in any way that it could. Ability Found has been changing lives since 1993, and it is all thanks to Matthew.
8.29a8He designed this headstone in honor of his son. Technology and medicine wasn’t able to cure his son’s conditions, but it was able to ease the struggles that he faced in life, and his father still feels his son with him every day. He likes to thin that Matthew is free from his disabilities now, and continues to work with other families through his organization.


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