His Son Has Autism. A Girl Asked If She Could Do THIS For Their Prom!

When you have a child with disabilities, some of the hardest moments is seeing them miss out on different experiences. Because they are “different” from the other children, they can sometimes be ignore or left out of social events, games, and parties. Depending on the child, this might not be a bad thing if they don’t appreciate being around other people, but if your child wants to be outgoing, this can be a distressing thing as a parent to see. So when Mike Larson got a surprise visit from one of his students, he was floored at her kindness and compassion!


…it’s his prom too. I just think he should have the chance to go.”

1.28d2 What a kind young lady! She went out of her way to make the night special, accommodating Jon as much as she could! He was able to experience prom, and his parents were able to see him participate in a timeless tradition that they were expecting him to miss out on! This is such a touching story! These programs should be offered at every school – everyone deserves a chance to make friends and be a little more understanding towards people with disabilities!

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