His Son Drew A Lot Of Attention When He Fell To The Floor In A Crowded Restaurant And Watched In Awe As Someone ELSE Saved The Day!

When something embarrassing happens in public, what is your first reaction? Do you look away as quickly as possible? Do you stop and see if there is anything that you can do to help? Do you leave and pretend it never happened? Unfortunately in our society today, most people’s first reaction is to grab their phone and start filming, posting everything online for the world to see. And then there are people like this, who think so far outside of the box that the rest of us are still processing what has even happened.

My youngest son has a type of congenital myopathy that makes him very weak. While he can walk, he can’t run or jump and falls down alot. Needless to say he finds this very humiliating (he is 16).

We were at a restaurant and my son was standing next to me with untied shoelaces. Unfortunately he tripped and, due to his weakness, could not catch himself, crashing heavily to the ground in the middle of a crowded restaurant. My daughters boyfriend, without missing a beat, immediately lay down next to him on the floor and asked him “how is it going down here” and otherwise made some small talk to ease some of my son’s embarrassment.

He has always treated my son like his little brother but that selfless act was unforgettable.

Needless to say I have loved him like a son ever since.

My son is embarrassed and mortified when anyone “helps” him or otherwise fusses over him when this kind of thing happens. Anyone walking in to the room or looking over to see what the fuss was about saw two teenagers acting like “goofs” rather than one helping another get off the floor after falling. When my daughters boyfriend then jumped up and helped him up, it looked much more “natural.” He really did, in an instant, save my son a great deal of embarrassment. I realize it’s tough to understand,

People like this are one in a million and should be celebrated when they do amazing things like this! This guy didn’t care what anyone else thought of him, and he took all of the attention off of the man’s son who only wanted to eat out with his family. This selfless act changed the entire outing. Instead of being concerned with anyone who had seen the accident, he was more focused on bonding with his family. That is a gift that can never be taken away!

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