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His Sister’s Phone Was Stolen. A Week Later, He Gets A Message From The Thief… | HappyTango

His Sister’s Phone Was Stolen. A Week Later, He Gets A Message From The Thief…

His sister’s phone had just been stolen along with her cards and IDs that she had stored in the phone case. They expected that they would never find it again. Most thieves simply turn the phones off, wipe the information, and move on…but this thief had stolen the phone in order to search through it and use it for themselves! It was infuriating, but when the thief messaged him through the emergency contact feature to ask for the password, he couldn’t help put play the best prank. Ever.

The thief sent a message pretending to be his sister, claiming that they “forgot” their password. Instead, he led the thief on a magical journey into the world of gang activity and illegal operations with “the boss.”

He was so convincing that the thief actually admitted that they had stolen the phone.

He kept pushing the thief and eventually told them that the only way to escape from “the boss” was to scare him and drop the phone off at the nearest police station.

…It worked.

The thief turned the phone in at a police station, who got into contact with his sister through her email ID on the phone.
People were stunned that the thief went along with it so long and were even more shocked when they actually turned the phone in along with all of his sister’s cards completely untouched!

The next time your phone gets stolen, it might be worth a try to scare the thief into doing the right thing!

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