His Sister-In-Law Was Making Life HELL! He Got His Revenge Without Lifting A Finger!

There is rarely anything more frustrating than living with someone who can “do no wrong” in their parents’ eyes. Leaving messy trails as they walk through the house, neglecting chores, pawning off their responsibilities on the people around them, or just generally being a jerk, these people can be a nightmare to live with. One guy realized that his sister-in-law was one such monster, but he couldn’t do anything about it. Until one day, the perfect way to get revenge turned up…and he let nature take its course!

My wife and I are living with her parents and one of her sisters right now while she finishes college. My sister-in-law is twelve and kind of a brat (which I mostly blame on her parents because they don’t do anything to correct her actions). One of the most annoying things she does is that she never cleans up after herself. She’ll make herself food and leave the dishes for someone else to clean up.

She’ll get home from school and dump her backpack, shoes, and clarinet right in the middle of the floor in the hallway leading to the front door for everyone to trip on. She has Guinea pigs and leaves the soiled, poop covered lining she uses in their cages in the laundry room sink. There’s so much more, but the point is that it really frustrates me.

One evening, a couple months ago, I was picking up the house and putting things away when I asked my sister-in-law if she could please put her shoes away in her room. Her response? “Why don’t you do it?”

Normally when if she copes an attitude with me, I take absolutely none of it and call her out on it, but I decided to let it go and instead followed her suggestion…

I took her stuff to her room… and hide her shoes about half way under her bed so it didn’t LOOK like I was trying to hide them but you still didn’t see them right away. I figured she’d end up having to look around a bit for them and wasting her time was my revenge since it would have taken her less time to take her shoes into her room in the first place.

The revenge I actually got was so much better.

Cue the next morning at around 7:30, my wife and I are awakened by my sister-in-law have the most epic meltdown I’ve ever heard.

She’s screaming at the top of her lungs, “I CAN’T FIND MY SHOES!!!!!!! I CAN’T GO TO SCHOOL WITHOUT MY SHOES!!!!!”

In the background I hear my mother-in-law getting mad at her because this kind of behavior is extreme even for her. Plus my sister-in-law won’t get out the door and they have to leave RIGHT NOW if my sister-in-law wants to make it on school on time. She asks my sister-in-law if she checked her room, the living room, etc. and my sister-in-law is whining that yes, but she just absolutely CAN’T find them.

My mother-in-law tells her to just wear different shoes and my sister-in-law starts screaming again: “I WANT MY TENNIS SHOES!!!!! SHUT UP MOM!!!! I HATE YOU!!!!! YOU’RE SO STUPID!!!!!” (No joke, she said all of this.)

And then she proceeded to just scream at the top of her lungs…

My sister-in-law rarely gets into trouble because my mother-in-law sees her as a special snowflake and even prevents my father-in-law from disciplining her, but wow, she got PISSED. She grounds my sister-in-law on the spot (a rare punishment) and tells her to sit down until she can calm down.

THEN… oh… then…

I hear my other-in-law go into my sister-in-law’s room and within a ten seconds, she yells to my sister-in-law that she found them.

She starts getting even more pissed because she thinks my sister-in-law lied to her about looking for her shoes and is trying to get out of going to school. She was so mad and still chewing her by the time they make it out the front door.

It was glorious and my sister-in-law ended up being late for school anyway.

That was a good day.

It was the beginning of the end, and she had done it to herself. She had to grow up sooner or later! It was an eye-opening moment for mom, and this brother-in-law may finally get the peace he was looking for. I just love it when justice is served…especially when it was long overdue!

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