His Ring Slipped Off Of His Finger And Rolled Towards This Grate…He Was SHOCKED When He Looked Down!

It had been a long work week and an even longer work day, and one man didn’t think that it could get much worse. His job was rough, and the machinery he usually worked with usually left his hands and clothes covered in grease and oil. Sometimes, even after washing them again and again, the grease and oil just wouldn’t budge. Today had been one of those days, but he had never realized just how close to losing his ring he had come.

He started using some soap to try and wash his hands off, but the moment that he felt his wedding band slipping off of his finger, it was too late. He panicked and watched as he heard it ping! against the concrete, he couldn’t breathe.

It rolled towards an open grate on the ground and he just knew it was over…until it defied all logic and landed exactly like this:
He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Had that really just happened?! He took a picture because he wasn’t sure what to do next. It was balanced just so and what if trying to pick it up caused it to fall in?! What if it fell in before he could grab it?

He took a deep breath and went for it, grateful that he had his ring back! He posted his picture online and probably vowed never to wear his wedding band on the job again!

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