His Owner Worked At Doggy Daycare…And Promptly Left WITHOUT Him! His Expression Says It All.

People do strange things when they’re hungry. One woman discovered exactly what kind of craziness hunger can do to a person when she raced off to grab dinner…and forgot her own dog at daycare!

She works at a dog daycare and was able to bring her own dog along each day. But one day, she was just exhausted and hungry. It had been a long day and she couldn’t wait to clock out and go grab some dinner. She rushed out to her car and left, excited to finally get a bite to eat.

About ten minutes later, she received a message from her boss:

You forgot something.”

His expression went viral when she shared it online! People began sharing their stories about leaving their own dogs accidentally tied outside of shops, and even stories about when mom left them behind after running errands! Being forgetful seems to be a part of human nature, but something about this dog’s expression is just too…”real!”

Just look at that face.

When she finally came back to get him, she shared some of the food she had just picked up and made it all better! Oops!

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