His Office Was Sweltering, So He Wore Navy Shorts. His Protest Changed The Dress Code!

Joey Barge, a 20-year-old working in a call center, knew it was going to be a hot day at the office. It was sweltering in the office and he knew that he wouldn’t be able to stand it through a full work day. Instead of pants, he on a nice pair of navy blue shorts, assuming that he could wear them, since women were allowed to wear skirts to the office.
But he was wrong.

His supervisor sent him home because shorts weren’t allowed, according to the dress code. But management hadn’t turned on the air condition, and he couldn’t stand the heat in the office. So, he decided to do something crazy, assuming that he’d be sent home immediately for making a statement.

Twitter had a field day with this guy’s hilarious outfit choice. His new outfit was allowed, according to the same dress code that had gotten him sent home.Instead of sending him home, the management decided to get ahead of the problem by allowing long shorts for men in “office appropriate colors,” black, navy, or khaki.

His supervisor gave him the option of going home for a third time to put his original shorts back on, but he refused to waste anymore time or gas on the trip and worked the rest of the day in his comfortable dress.Others were wondering why the management had a problem with shorts in the first place – especially since the air conditioning wasn’t cool enough. He wasn’t working face-to-face with customers, after all.

Despite his ordeal, he is happy to be able to wear nice shorts to work when the weather is just too hot!

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