His Mother Decided To Pack Up The Entire House And Leave His Father…And She Left Her 10-Year-Old Son On The Porch.

Parents try their hardest to stay “strong” for their kids, especially during the hard times. A lot of children will admit that they have never seen their parents cry. That need to stay tough in the face of adversity and to keep it together. Children need to feel that they are safe and loved. They might not realize it, but having a home and knowing that their next meal will be on the table gives them that sense of security that allows them to be “children” for so long. 

When this boy’s security is ripped away in one traumatic and selfish action by his mother, his world was never the same…but he found himself caring more for his father than anyone else in one incredible gesture.

My parents never really got along as I grew up, and even as a kid I kinda knew my parents didn’t love each other. One day when I was 10, my mom finally packed up and left while my dad was at work. Except she entirely gutted the house; furniture, clothes, dishes, silverware, electronics, everything, packed into the back of a U-Haul and drove off and left me. I remember crying and screaming and clinging onto to her leg to not go, or at least take me with her.

Anyway, I called my dad and told him what happened. He couldn’t leave work early, but said he’d be home as soon as possible and to lock all the doors and windows and stay safe inside.

I have no idea why, but I remembered these panini-type sandwiches my dad made all the time for me, and decided to make one for him. I think I just needed something to do. So I made him a sandwich, put it on one of the paper plates I found, as my mom had taken all the other dishes, and sat on the front stoop and waited for him.

I kinda just stared at it, and ended up sitting out there for about four hours.

When my dad got home, he was shocked to see the house gutted. I kinda just held up the plate to him and said “I made this for you.” and he took it, sat next to me, and ate it with me. I could tell he was trying his hardest not to cry in front of me, so I pretended not to notice him tearing up.

As an adult, this story is even more touching. To see a child putting aside his own fears and confusion to try and make sense of it by helping his father. He might not have completely realized how comforting his actions were, but he realizes it now that he is grown just how much he made a difference that day. When their world was falling apart, they were able to stand together…and bond over the simple act of making a sandwich!

It does get better from there – the author updated everyone on his life.

I’m living on my own, with a beautiful little doggy. My father remarried and his new wife is very good to him. She’s given him two daughters. Her son (my dad’s step-son) is a bit crazy, and ended up causing some trouble, but he’s much happier with her and they seem to love each other.

It might be difficult at times, but trying to see the good in a tough situation can help others do the same. 

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