His Mother BETRAYED Him For The First Time In His LIFE! He Was FURIOUS…Until She Came To His Room And Admitted Something He Couldn’t Believe

The relationship between a parent and a child is a special one that can’t easily be broken. Sure, sons and daughters and mothers and fathers may fight and argue and disagree on many subjects, but that doesn’t mean that their bonds aren’t very strong. Like mom always used to say, “I don’t like you right now…but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you!” Fighting is a normal thing (especially with teenagers!) that usually works itself out fairly quickly, if there is a good relationship beforehand. For this one little boy, the betrayal was enough to rock his confidence and truly hurt him…but the love that he held for his mother and the love that she held for him was stronger than any disappointment!


He recognized that his mother hadn’t done it on purpose. She hadn’t meant to hurt him, and the fact that she had caused him pain drove her to tears. He could see that she was distraught over missing his big day. He could forgive her for forgetting the party. She couldn’t forgive herself…and she needed his help to overcome this new obstacle in their relationship. Parents try not to break down in front of their children – kids should be free of worry and stress…but sometimes, it can be just a bit too much. And this little boy realized that it isn’t about what you do for each other – it’s that you areĀ thereĀ for each other when you need it the most!

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