His Mom Would Miss Him While He Studied Abroad…So He Sent Her A Surprise In The Mail! She Is Having WAY Too Much Fun With This!

When a child finally goes off to university, it can be a hard thing to accept. Essentially, they no longer rely on their parents for everything, and letting them go out into the world is difficult. A thousand questions pop up during the day. Did they eat breakfast? Are they happy? It’s hard not to worry and miss them after raising them for 20 years. One son decided to help his mom out with those feelings by mailing her a life-sized cutout of himself.

Jokingly sent my mom a cutout of myself while I’m studying abroad. She seems to be entertaining herself with it.”


She decided to take pictures with her son…and took it to the extreme! For Valentine’s day, she set him up with a hot date!


She read him a bedtime story one night! His favorite book? It is now!

Playing frisbee with the family dog has never been so exciting!

Can’t forget about those annual check-ups! She even let him borrow her stethoscope!3.28a14

Time to order his favorite sandwich! He’s a growing boy, after all.3.28a15

Look out! Seems like someone has a different idea of “fun.”3.28a16

Can’t miss out on those family lunches! Grandma seems confused.3.28a17

Who cares if he’s only wearing socks! No one should miss out on the Easter egg hunt!

This mom has the right idea! She’s keeping him close to home by setting up these pictures. The fact that she is taking this huge cardboard cutout to public places and probably has it stashed in her car is the most hilarious part of all of it. Its obvious where he got his sense of humor from!

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