His Mom Saved His Life With One Word…And Sent CHILLS Down His Spine!

Things like this happen to other people. Everyone thinks, “that could never happen to me.” It doesn’t matter what it is, we always have it in the back of our minds that we will always survive, no matter what it is. We watch movies and see the main character survive over and over. Even in those rare instances when they do die, we see the story after their death – it’s like they never died in the first place. This driver discovered the hard way…sometimes, those things do happen. And it is very real.

I was traveling back home after a long day at work when I approached an intersection near my neighborhood. I wasn’t really paying attention until my mom immediately yelled at me to stop.

Hearing the urgency in her voice, I slammed on my breaks and looked ahead. My light was green, but there was a little kid who had run into the road. He decided to cross the intersection without checking the lights. I would have hit him if my mother hadn’t screamed at me to stop.

After he crossed the street, I was only able to drive for a few blocks until I had to pull over. I couldn’t see the road through my tears.

My mom died three years ago. She saved that kid’s life – and possibly mine.

The terror. The shock. And probably a lot of gratitude. So many emotions must have been racing around in the aftermath of such a stunning incident. The veil between life and death was so thin that day, they must have crossed over in a spectacular display of love and concern. 

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