His Kids Were Making A HUGE Mess In A Restaurant. He Refused To Stop Them Until Some Angry Customers Said THIS! I Can Hear The Applause!

Have you ever worked a restaurant job? If you haven’t, maybe you have worked in customer service instead? Dealing with the public means dealing with everyone! From the nice customers who just want to sit down and eat a good meal to the rude customers that don’t understand that the workers are just people too. It takes a lot of skill to work in customer service, but some days, you wish you had a little extra “back up!” This waitress was having a difficult shift because the manager wasn’t there to handle the disturbance. She just near tears until THIS happened! I’m cheering!


One of the things I made sure my children learned was that when we are in a restaurant, we are in someone else’s “house.” Sure, it’s a restaurant, but we are still guests! That means we should respect the person taking our order, be courteous to other people around us, and above all else, we should never get up from the table to run around. They didn’t understand why, at first, but they quickly learned that running around would not be tolerated. It’s dangerous (hot food on balanced trays!) and it’s rude to distract the other people trying to eat dinner! I’ve worked in a restaurant before – I try my hardest to make sure that we are never “that” table!

What did you think of these guys?! They certainly were fed up with the inconsiderate family!

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