His Home Was Burning To The Ground, But He Clung To His Best Friend Through It All

It was a cold day in Ali Mese’s village, and when he went to adjust the heating in his home, an unexpected explosion derailed his entire life. The heating stove in the living room malfunctioned, and while he tried to keep it under control, it burst with flames, catching the home on fire. The single-story wooden house burned to the ground. As the flames ate away at his home, he clutched his kitten, not able to bear the sight of his home disappearing before his eyes. Mese’s wife and son were able to escape the fire, and while the local firefighters worked quickly, they weren’t able to save the home.

Mese had to spend time in the hospital to be treated for several minor injuries, but volunteers knew that there was one thing that would aid his recovery more than anything else: a visit from his kitten.

The cat had grown since they’d last seen one another, but it was as if the fire had never happened. Mese hugged his best friend as close as he could, thanking the volunteers for paying a visit to his hospital.

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