His Friend Told Him “You Take The Fat One, I’ll Take The Thin One” And It Ended Up Being The Best Deal He Ever Made!

Have you had the pleasure of finding the “love of your life?” Some people find that one special person early on, and others search in vain for years and years. Some are lucky enough to have more than one “true love,” finding happiness after happiness in the most unexpected places. 70 years ago, it was significantly more difficult to meet people. Without the aid of the internet, people relied on dances, picnics, and friends-of-friends to meet new potential matches. For this couple in particular, they met in the most curious of circumstances…but thankfully they were able to meet and their story is incredibly sweet!


The identical twins had been attending the Saturday dances…for over five months, only ever dancing with one another.”


Ron and Eunice met after a friend threw them together on a whim – and what a whirlwind that evening turned out to be! With the approval of her mother, the two led a wonderful and full life! As with most chance meetings, it is amazing that if only one thing had been different – the couples had gone to different dances, the girls had given up and gone home, the boys had spotted two other gals to dance with, the weather had been bad – then these two wouldn’t be together today after all these years!

What an adorable story! This should be a movie!
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