His Fiancee Sent Him An “Engagement Game,” But When He Solves The Puzzle?! TEARS!

Erik Blanco received a mysterious package from his bride-to-be with specific instructions to film himself while opening it. He had no idea what he was getting himself into, but hoped he would do alright! He thought there might be questions to answer…but he never expected to learn THIS about his intended!

He pried the package open and found a cute little box with a bow on top. The instructions were simple: film yourself playing and answer the questions before opening the final blue envelope.
10-13a11At first, they were simple! “We got engaged in July.” Easy enough! “We will get married in April.” This one seemed obvious…

But the last one was confusing. What begins with the letter ‘D’ and is happening in October? They were buying a home or a car, and nothing he could think of started with ‘D.’

Until he began to arrange the letters to spell…10-13a12

Our due date is in October!”

He couldn’t believe it! He immediately stopped playing to call her and let her know that he had solved the puzzle. She told him that she had been feeling very sick and decided to take a pregnancy test…and that it was positive!

He would travel home in five weeks to be with her, and suddenly, that seemed like a very long time to wait! The happy couple welcomed a sweet baby girl in October, excited to begin their new life together!


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