His Father Calls With TERRIBLE News Just Before The Holidays! I Can’t Believe He Did This To His Family!

Usually when a family member has bad news, they call a “family meeting” or decide to talk about the subject over dinner. In my house growing up, our parents usually waited until after dinner to have any life-altering conversations, but they were usually that we were moving again. But what is a family to do when everyone is grown and lives far away from each other? Getting bad news over the phone isn’t what anyone likes to resort to, but sometimes it is the only way to have those difficult conversations.


What a dirty, dirty trick! I guess this family has trouble meeting up for the holidays since they all live so far apart! Traveling is usually a part of most family’s traditions to see grandma and grandpa, but when you have two families on either sides of the country, how do you choose which family to visit instead? Sadly, our budget usually dictates who we get to see that year, but we always make time to send a picture in the mail and give everyone a call during the years that we can’t make it! It sounds like these parents were tired of being ignored…in a very clever way!

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