His Facebook Post Went VIRAL After He Was Insulted By A Rude Woman In The Parking Lot!

Have people always been so judgmental, or do we only notice it more thanks to posts like this on social media? Now that cameras come standard in phones, everyone has one. This can make me spend an hour choosing what to wear in the mornings instead of just going about my day. Who knows who I might run into and end up in some unflattering photo on Facebook. Worrying about what people will think can eat away at us like nothing else can, and the feeling of being judged can causeĀ usĀ to turn around and judge those around us instead. Why? I have no idea, but this guy had the absolute PERFECT response to this sort of unwarranted behavior!!


Wow! Appearances can be deceiving, but that doesn’t mean we can pass judgment onto others just by the way that they look! This guy is a hero. He didn’t let this woman’s ignorance ruin his day – instead, he shared the story to social media in order to spread the word so that others can learn from it. Teaching your kids to “categorize” people without knowing them only fuels this ignorance, and I hope more people can take a lesson from this guy’s book!

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