His Ex Ran Away With His Daughter. He Found Her 2 Years Later In A Homeless Shelter. This Is Incredible!


Bryan Thouvenel knew that he had a 5-year-old daughter, but he had no idea where his ex-girlfriend had taken her. He knew that she may have gone to Washington, but after countless searches, he was beginning to lose heart. Until he received a phone call from a friend who thought he spotted the little girl and her mother at a Salvation Army site…4.18a7

He didn’t hesitate to hop into his car and drive the ten hours to find out. It really was his lost little girl! He had been heartbroken when he realized his ex-girlfriend hadn’t shared the same love that he had for her, but being able to rescue his precious daughter more than made up for it.


After getting a court order and being awarded full-custody, he is intent on building a new relationship with his little girl, named Harmony. She didn’t recognize him at first…the only thing she remembered about her father was that he knew how to play the guitar.

He showed her pictures of the two of them on his phone, and since that day, she hasn’t left his side! The two are finally reunited, and he expects to give her the best life possible from now on.


Thouvenel has two older daughters, and they are excited to have their little sister back. They couldn’t believe it, at first, but now are glad to have their family back together.

In fact, a non-profit organization, Time to Put Kids First, is sending the two on a bonding trip to Hawaii to create new memories and help to forget the tragic 2 years that had recently torn them apart.

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Source, images via KATIE ALAIMO/AP

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