His Ex-Girlfriend Said That She Would ONLY Get Back With Him Under One CRAZY Condition!

He still had feelings for an old flame, but everything changed in an instant when she told him that there was one thing he HAD to do if they ever wanted to get back together…and it was a crazy one.

He and his ex-girlfriend had grown very close over the years. They’d been in each other’s lives for a while, but eventually had to split up due to their religious differences…the only problem? They still have feelings for each other. Cutting someone out of your life is difficult, and so one day, she gave him a call. They could get back together, she said, on the condition that he give up his cat, Hobbes. Some people may have done it, valuing the relationship more than the animal…but not him.

I’m 33-years-old, and Hobbes is the closest thing I have to a kid. I guess this is goodbye, then.”

Well, there was her answer. If she didn’t want to learn that she was less important than a cat…she probably shouldn’t have asked!

To be fair, we don’t know if she has an allergy or if the cat is mean to everyone but his owner, but it still seems like a crazy thing to demand. What do YOU think of this guy’s story?

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