His Dog Showed Up In His Yearbook For One Very Touching Reason!

Steph Ware was excited to take his yearbook photo in West Monroe, Louisiana. His dog, Presley, came to school with him and took a picture, too! Presley has been a part of the Ware family for years, and the reason this school allowed the dog inside is actually rather bittersweet.

Steph was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy at just 3 years old. Now, at 14, he relies on Presley, his 6-year-old service dog. The two have become best of friends, and they go anywhere and everywhere together. Presley even accompanied Steph to a camp for children with medical conditions. The love to play outside, and Presley especially loves to play ‘fetch.’5.11a13

Muscular dystrophy is a degenerative disorder that causes Steph’s muscles to weaken over time. When he drops something on the ground and can’t pick it up, Presley is there to help. When Steph can’t walk to grab something Presley knows to get it for him.

Presley accompanies Steph to his classes and helps him to get through each and every day. His support has gained the attention of the school and teachers as well. They consider Presley to be almost like a student, not just an object or an animal.

The school made a decision to let the pooch take a yearbook photo and to be placed next to Steph in alphabetical order! The photographer spent nearly 10 minutes trying to get the dog to s5.11a12tay still. It wasn’t until Steph put the leash in her mouth that she posed perfectly for a picture!

What was even more of a surprise was the fact that Steph kept the whole thing a secret! When the yearbooks were finally handed out at the end of the year, Steph’s family was shocked to see Presley next to him in the book! His mother excitedly posted the picture on Facebook, and it quickly went viral!

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