His Daughter Started VOMITING All Over The Store. One Employee Went WELL Above The Expectations For Customer Service!

Why does it always feel as if the Earth stops moving if one of our children gets sick? It’s hard to focus on anything besides helping them to get better. Work and hobbies go on hold from the moment we notice that fever! Getting them to the doctor’s office, purchasing medication, buying food that they need to eat in order to get better, and spending sleepless nights at their side is just the beginning…and if you have more than one child who is sick for longer than just a day or two? You can kiss your free time goodbye! Nothing makes a kid feel better like cuddling up to a parent! This guy found himself having to run errands for the things he needed…with his sick child! When, predictably, she got sick in the store, this dad was at his wit’s end!


Without a hesitation she…put her arms out to hold my kid covered in puke.”


You see, Chris K. didn’t mind going the extra mile to help a customer out. She probably has kids of her own and recognized another parent in need! I can understand the other customers not wanting to help – a child who is dealing with a stomach virus is not something a stranger would normally want to be anywhere near – but I can’t understand why they would stop and stare so rudely! This employee saved the day! Although I do hope that she had a spare change of clothes in the back…

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