His Daughter Passed Away Before Introducing Them To Her Boyfriend. Her Love Was So Strong, Even DEATH Couldn’t Stop It!

Losing a loved one is not an easy thing. The shock, the disbelief, the grief, and the emptiness is enough to knock anyone down for days at a time. Moving forward seems impossible, and looking past the grief is unthinkable. What do you do if the person you’ve lost…hasn’t really introduced you to their family? That’s where this young man found himself when the love of his life passed away. Her father’s post has gone viral. It turns out, this is more common than anyone realizes.

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She lived so fully that even death couldn’t stop those around her from growing closer. Her fiance preferred to keep to himself, but loved her too much to stay away from her grave site. Her father loved her too much to ignore someone whom his daughter had spent so much time with. She had loved them both too much to keep them from eventually talking and forging an unexpected bond.

Hopefully this young man will be able to move on and find a life without her. No one could fully replace the hole that she had left in his life, but with the support of her father, he might be able to one day continue on without her. This story made me cry…but in a good way. These are happy tears!

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