His Daughter Died At 6 Weeks Old, And He Turned To Strangers On The Internet For One HUGE Favor. This Is Incredible!

Nathan Steffel and his wife went through one of the hardest things imaginable…they had to watch their infant daughter die. At only 6 weeks old, she had never been out of the hospital and had constantly been hooked up to machines and tubes to keep her alive. Unfortunately, all of their efforts failed, and their tiny daughter passed away without ever truly knowing what it meant to live.


He wanted a picture of his daughter, but the only ones that they had were covered in medical equipment. They were able to snap a picture when her eyes had opened briefly, but this was the only picture that they had of their infant daughter who was now deceased. And so he turned to the kindness of strangers, hoping that someone would be able to help him achieve his goal.

He never thought that so many people would hear his plea and willingly take the time to create beautiful artwork. The best ones are below, and they are absolutely stunning.


This artist completely removed any sign of the hospital. This was a crowd favorite because it looked like a newborn photo shoot, something that the Steffel’s had not been able to do for their child. She looks so peaceful, and this artist has real talent.


This was another favorite due to the removal of the hospital background. Her baby blues are bright and alert, and her little mouth is just too precious.


One artist was so inspired by the story that they decided to sketch the child instead. This is a beautiful and unique tribute to the infant, and the family can easily hang this in their home as a peaceful reminder of the difficult journey and precious life that was a part of their life for such a short time. 12.10b4

This artist decided to put the little angel in a nursery setting! She looks so at peace in her little room – even if she was never able to come home and visit her own nursery. This is one of my favorites.


This artist took a little more liberty with the positioning of the baby’s body, and she looks so sweet. The white sheet as a backdrop gives a soothing feel to this piece. Her eyes are also a bit more green than blue in this one, and I can almost hear her small, sweet breaths. The expression on her face makes it seem as if she is just about to crack a smile up at her loving parents!


This pictures stays true to the original, leaving her in the hospital but removing the medical equipment and tubing from her hand and face.


When people join together, amazing things can happen. In this case, a grieving couple’s daughter was memorialized forever, and it touched my heart so much!

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