His Condition Causes Him To Sleep For Months At A Time. For The First Time In Four Years, He Celebrates Christmas!

Connor Prince is 12 years old, but for the first time since 2011, he was finally able to celebrate Christmas with his family. Connor has a rare sleep disorder called Kleine Levin Syndrome which causes his body to sleep for months at a time.

As a child, he contracted tonsillitis, measles, and mumps. His mother, Dana Prince, says that he was very sickly as a child, but he was nine years old when the odd sleeping patterns began. The first time, he slept for an entire week. Despite countless attempts to wake him, he just wouldn’t budge. His parents thought that it might have been an infection, but in November of 2011, he fell asleep and didn’t wake up again until January – three months later.

Ever since that time, he would fall asleep every few weeks for days or more, and Dana quit her job to look after her son. She began to notice patterns in his behavior before a bought of sleeping would  occur. He would get an appetite that seemed to be ten times the normal amount of food that a child would normally eat, and he would complain that his limbs ached.

She began to research what these symptoms might mean and came across KLS. A sleep clinic confirmed the diagnosis. While it was comforting to have a name for her son’s condition, she can only hope that he will grow out of it.

But in December of 2016, he woke up on Christmas day long enough to celebrate. He played chess on a specially designed Harry Potter chess board and spend time with his family. It was the first time in four years that he was awake on Christmas day!

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