His Budget For Food Is Only $2.75 PER YEAR. His Secret Has Gone VIRAL.

When people write books about how to stick to a budget, this is probably who they are talking about. People are calling him “insanely frugal.” When you see how he gets his meals, you’ll agree…and may even use more aggressive adjectives to describe this level of frugality. Like “intensely frugal,” or “outrageously frugal.”7.25a1

Will Reid looks like a normal dude, and you may have even passed him on the street at one point. Just a regular guy, eating cherry tomatoes, nothing to see here. But he identifies as a “freegan.” Which the rest of us simply call…7.25a2

Dumpster diving. His meals are salvaged from the excess food products tossed out by super markets at the end of each day. He eats well and doesn’t have to worry about where his next meal is coming from because of the consistent way that grocers discard perfectly good foods daily. Still, the stigma of pulling things to eat from the trash is a tough one to shake.

While some of it may be passed the expiration date by a day or two, he enjoys fresh, perfectly edible foods that have usually just been thrown out to make room for new products.

He’s been doing this since August of 2014. “Other people go shopping for their food, I’ll go around back and see what’s available.” He usually finds a well-rounded meal in just 15 minutes. 7.25a3

So, where did that $2.75 come from? We was on the set of a film shoot and wasn’t able to find any food for a snack. He paid 5.50 for a protein bar and Chex mix early in 2015. Divided by 2 years, that’s $2.75 per year. Clever man!

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