His Boss Call Him Into The Office After He Made A $250,000 Mistake…What Happened Next Is Unheard Of!

Getting written up at work is not a fun experience – especially if it is because of a mistake or accident that you are responsible for. It’s a hard thing to bounce back from, and it’s awkward for everyone involved. Learning from our mistakes can be difficult, but if you are willing to take the steps to avoid those issues in the future, most employers are willing to help you along. In the end, I suppose it depends on the mistake…


This sounds all wrong, but once he explained his reasoning, it made so much sense! This boss didn’t see it as a mistake – he saw it as a learning opportunity that turned into an investment for this employee. He’s got a point. This same mistake will never happen again, but if he had fired this guy and hired someone new, who is to say that they wouldn’t make the exact same mistake 1 month on the job?

What would you have done if this was your employee? I don’t know if I would have reacted like this boss, but the idea behind this story is wonderful! Accepting that people make mistakes is just a part of life. How we react when they do says more about us than it does about them.

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