His Boring Chair Is Barely Recognizable After He Uses Stencils And PAINT!

Not everyone has the budget to completely redecorate their home any time things start to feel a little stale, but thankfully, there are thousands of people out there with incredible ideas that will transform worn out, old pieces of furniture into gorgeous statement pieces! Guests will ask you where you bought it, and your family will love having something “new!”

He started off with this “boring” beige chair and decided to give it a little upgrade using nothing but paint and a stencil! 10-7a2

The plan was to give the chair a blue Ikat design without having to purchase fabric and reupholster the entire chair. The first thing to do was clean the chair from top to bottom, removing stains and debris, scrubbing it clean of dust or hair that would get caught under the layers of paint.

Before he decorated the chair, he tested the colors and patterns on a spare piece of fabric to make sure that he would like the design in the end. To perfect his touch, he attached the stencil to the fabric with double sided tape and a spray adhesive onto the chair. The, he used a sponge to apply white and blue paint directly onto the fabric.

He used a multi-surface acrylic paint with a satin finish and waited until the paint was completely dry before moving the stencil.10-7a3Once the entire chair was painted, he had completely changed the boring beige chair into a decorative piece that fit in perfectly with his home!10-7a4Do you have an old piece of furniture that could use an upgrade? See more details on this project here!


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