His Beloved Pup Was Attacked By Unleashed Dogs, And Their Owner Just Walked Away…When The Internet Found Out? This Is Incredible!

Kurt Haupt is 81-years-old, and has had Dacky, a longhaired miniature dachshund for the past 14 years. He never married and had no children of his own. Dacky was his constant companion and the two frequently walked to a nearby soccer field so that she could run and explore and play. He chose the spot because there weren’t many dogs in the area so she would never be bothered.


But tragedy struck one afternoon when four Italian mastiffs were at the park off-leash. They attacked Dacky, and Haupt recalled the event saying that as soon as he saw the dogs biting Dacky, he knew that she was dead. He took her to the vet, but after $3,000 in charges, they were not able to save her.

Originally, he wanted help finding the four dogs and the careless owner who left the park after his dogs mauled the small dachschund. The park clearly stated that all dogs must stay on a leash, but the owner didn’t bother to follow the rules or care when his dogs mauled the innocent pup.

He didn’t say anything. he didn’t say anything to me.”

But the story doesn’t end there. Sue Dunstan heard about the story and wanted to help. Since Haupt didn’t have many friends, she couldn’t let this story end on such a terrible note. While Haupt doesn’t have an email address, she did encourage people to send letters of encouragement and support!

She raised over $3,000 to cover Dacky’s medical expenses.

The exposure helped authorities to track down the owner of the dogs, all of which were taken from his custody, and was arrested. He is charged with interfering “with lawful enjoyment of property.”

When he was asked if he wanted a new dog, he had this to say:

Even if I would get the same breed, a mini dachshund with long hair, all dogs are a little bit different. With my other dog, it didn’t come for an end the way I hoped for. With a new dog, maybe it would be a brand new beginning.”

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