His Autistic Brother Was Devastated That Blockbuster Was Closing Down. His Parents Did THIS!

Javier Z. lives in South Texas, where (to the shock of many users on Twitter) a Blockbuster still exists. His brother, who has autism, loved going to his local Blockbuster to choose a movie, and when the store announced that it would be closing down, his family knew that the move would upset their son.

When the store closed its doors for good on Sunday, his parents decided to do their best to fix the situation. They set up a miniature VHS movie selection just like he would see at Blockbuster with his favorite shows and movies all in one place! They did their best to mimic the stand and set it in its own special place in the house…

Then, they revealed the surprise!He absolutely loved it! It was his own personal Blockbuster! Javier posted the pictures of his brother’s surprise and people found it positively heart warming! Parents and siblings who knew what it was like to have an autistic member of their family were so proud of this family for going above and beyond to help their son cope with the loss of something he had grown to rely on.

Giving him a way to move forward was an incredible gift, and these parents definitely qualify for “Parents of the Year!”

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