Hilary Duff Adopted This Puppy When No One Else Would – All Because It Had One “Undesirable” Trait.

When a family’s dog got out of the yard one day, she became pregnant and gave birth to a little of “chugs,” half pug, half Chihuahua puppies. The owners knew that they couldn’t take care of the puppies and surrendered them to the Love Leo Rescue center as soon as they were old enough to be away from their mother.

Unfortunately, the shelter knew that these little pooches might not get adopted anytime soon. Statistically, people will adopt new pets that have lighter coats and don’t adopt dogs with darker coats as often. They also usually want female dogs. This meant that little Mojito had a very low chance of getting adopted.

Mojito is the only male from the litter, and he is also the runt,” said the president of Love Leo Rescue.

Roughly one month into their lives at the shelter, Hilary Duff got involved. She adopted Mojito and shortened his name to Momo. She posted a picture to Facebook and hopes to raise the issue of dogs with dark coats getting passed over.

Another win for black dogs everywhere. Mojito has found his forever home… happy in the arms of Hilary Duff!
This little “chug” went from “unwanted” to the best life ever. Thank you for spreading the Adopt Don’t Shop message and welcoming Mojito into your family.” They wrote on their Facebook page.

A lot of people had no idea that black and brown dogs had trouble getting adopted. Hopefully more people will be aware and start adopting!

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