Hilarious “Weight Loss” Announcements Are Viral For The Worst Reasons

Like most weight loss transformations, people are happy to share their lifestyle changes with their friends…but this one takes a wild turn! When they’ve posted their “transformations,” they are usually met with bursts of laughter.

Wanted to share my weight loss transformation with everyone. It’s been 9 months since I lost 190 pounds. Never felt better,” She wrote after posting this side-by-side comparison.

Oops! The funny thing is that people didn’t immediately get the joke. When it was first made by Twitter user @_NaiTai, people thought she was talking about actual weight loss, even going so far as to ask how she got rid of the extra skin that usually accompanies drastic weight loss.

Wanted to share my amazing weight loss transformation with you all. It’s been over a year since I lost 230 lbs and I’ve never felt better,” she wrote.

Nope. She was talking about her ex! It became a running joke. Now, people are posting their “weight loss” pictures instead of quietly moving on, celebrating their new “single” status and moving on by loving themselves.

Wanted to share my amazing weight loss transformation with you all..It’s been over a year since I lost 185 lbs and I’ve never felt better.” He wrote.

The no-nonsense shade being thrown is just too perfect, and people are loving it.

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