Hilarious Wallet Trap Will Shame Pick-Pockets With A Noisy Explosion Of Glitter (You Can Make One Too!)

If you’ve ever been the victim of a pick-pocket, you understand exactly how frustrating it is when they get away with it – especially if you are on vacation! You might think that your belongings are safe, but once you reach for your wallet and realize it isn’t where you left it, life gets a lot more complicated…but what if you could get sweet, ice cold revenge? That’s where this idea came from, and it is glorious.

You’ll not only publicly shame the pick-pocket, you will also protect your actual¬†wallet.

First, you’ll need a cheap decoy wallet. While your real wallet it kept safe and sound, you should wear this thief-catching wallet in an obvious pocket. Next you’ll need a bunch of annoying glitter (super fine glitter will ensure that they find it for months on everything they own) in a bright color.¬†Next, you’ll need a musical greeting card with an obnoxious song.The thief will slip the wallet out of your pocket. You probably won’t notice at first…but when they open it to search for cash, cards, and IDs before dumping it in a garbage can…everyone around them will immediately hear the music and they will be covered in glitter.
If you’re lucky, they will open it within earshot, and you can give them a nice, smug glare!

It probably won’t stop them, but maybe it will make them feel bad for a few seconds. Plus, they will never get that glitter out of their jeans no matter how many times they try to wash it out. That may be the best revenge of all.

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