Hilarious Product Review For “Giant Beach Ball” Admits It Ruined His Florida Vacation

Where were you during the The Giant Beach Behemoth Inflatable Beach Ball” incident of 2018? Probably at home with your fireplace going as it was February, and also in Florida. One unsuspecting beach was full of vacationers and locals enjoying the sun…when suddenly, their world was turned upside-down as an unidentified bouncing object came barreling through their lives.

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When Reid Hamlin saw this deal on Amazon for a 12-ft inflatable beach ball, he wasn’t too sure what to think about it…it seemed like fun. A bit outrageous, but they would be on vacation and what was the harm? He detailed his experience in a very telling product review, and people couldn’t believe what they were reading!

We took this ball to the beach and after close to 2 hours to pump it up, we pushed it around for about 10 fun filled minutes…” He began.

That was when the wind picked it up and sent it hurdling down the beach at about 40 knots. It destroyed everything in its path. Children screamed in terror at the giant inflatable monster that crushed their sand castle. Grown men were knocked down trying to save their families. The faster we chased it, the faster it rolled. It was like it was mocking us. Eventually, we had to stop running after it because its path of injury and destruction was going to cost us a fortune in legal fees.”

But the ball was never found. A huge, 12-foot beach ball went off to enjoy its life somewhere in South Carolina by now.

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