Hilarious “Pineapple” Made Of Chocolate Wine Is The Perfect Gift For Just About Any Occasion

Always a symbol of hospitality and luxury, it is customary to present a pineapple as a housewarming present – admittedly, this doesn’t happen as often as it should – but this hilarious spin will probably be appreciated a lot more than a delicious fruit. Give this as a gift for dinner parties, birthdays, house parties, or keep it as a White Elephant gift for the holidays. It’s funny AND tasty!

First things first! You’ll need a wine bottle and a 24-pack of golden chocolate candies. (For extra decadence, use gourmet chocolates!)

Begin by hot-gluing the wrappers to the wine bottle. Start and the bottom and work your way up. This will create the “body” of your pineapple.
11-22a18Before you reach the top, cut out green “leaves” from a sheet of tissue paper and glue them to the neck of the bottle. The more you add, the fuller your pineapple will look, so feel free to go wild with this step.11-22a19Tie a bit of burlap over the glued leaves and secure it with a drop of glue if you need to. Then, continue placing your chocolates until you reach the burlap. You can overlap the chocolates onto the fabric if you have too much. Layering the items will give the entire gift a more realistic feel. Besides, if you’re going to create a pineapple out of a wine bottle and chocolate, it may as well be perfect, right?11-22a20The quirky gift is not only clever, it’s scrumptious. Who WOULDN’T want to receive this thingĀ as a gift? It’s quite literally the best thing ever. (In our opinion.) You can see the full tutorial here!

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