Hilarious Fancy “Salad” Served In Bizarre Fashion And No One Can Agree How Best To Eat It

“Presentation,” the chef probably muttered excitedly as they meticulously created this bizarre interpretation of a Greek salad. The pressure to be different, better, and more inventive is starting to take its toll…mostly at the cost of innocent diners who are probably just hungry!

One bewildered customer snapped a picture of this creation before attempting to dig in – a concept which proved to be harder than they initially thought. Where…? How…? And maybe, most importantly, why?

Take a look at this salad and try to figure out how best to assemble it:You’d probably have to pick up the glass and let the veggies fall out. Then you’d tip the glass over to drop on the single strand of onion. Probably. That vinegrette won’t be mixed, but maybe it would turn out okay if you sort of shuffled all of the ingredients around. Finally, a squeeze of lemon.

That’s my guess, at least.

But more importantly, what should you do with the dirty wine glass once you’ve gotten your salad out of it? Place it on the table? Make a big mess?

This one is a real head-scratcher. How would YOU do it?

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