Hilarious Before And After Pictures Of The First Day Of School Are Too Relatable

The first day of school starts out full of excitement and hope! With the promise of making new friends, kids across the country start out on a new adventure and usually dress up in their favorite outfit for an extra boost of confidence…but after a full day of learning and schedules and classes, those excited faces look a lot different. Maybe that says more about the school systems themselves, but the pictures are still adorable!

Quick, someone get this kid a juice box STAT!
They were so excited! New friends, new adventures…and apparently, naps!Mom wanted to take them out to grab a bite to eat for getting through their first day of school…but she didn’t expect them to fall asleep at the table!“Life is rough.” These are the kinds of pictures that end up being tucked away for decades and brought out at family reunions. They’re just too precious! Too many people know exactly how these kids feel, and maybe that’s why they’ve gone so viral.

Hopefully, these parents will keep up the tradition until their kids graduate. The nostalgia will be too precious!

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