Hilarious 3-Year-Conversation Gets Two Strangers Sent To Maui For A First Date!

Dating apps are evolving, and Tinder is no exception. When these two strangers first matched up, they weren’t concerned about taking their time. Josh sent a message to Michelle. She replied two months later, claiming that her phone had died. Instead of getting offended, he saw the humor in it and sent a message back (a day later) that he preferred to let his phone charge for five months to make sure it was¬†really¬†charged.


Months passed, and he claimed to have been in the shower at the time. Months passed, and she replied, blaming classes. And so it went, months between messages, the excuses getting more and more unbelievable, until nearly an entire year passed between their messages.

Finally, in 2017, Josh posted their most recent exchange…only it went viral! People thought their lengthy conversation about absolutely nothing was too cute. Incredibly, Tinder decided to step in and put an end to the madness!
They wanted to send the pair to Maui for a first date! They were stunned! Their running joke had attracted a lot of attention, and they were excited to finally be able to meet up in real life.The only catch? They weren’t allowed to take two months to pack their bags! Their new fans expect a wedding sometime in the next 40 or 50 years. Too cute!

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